CUSTOM FRAMES: We have hundreds of frame samples to accommodate your taste and budget: all types of stained, painted, or natural finish wood frames; elegant gold, silver and metal leafing; aluminum and welded steel; and closed corner frames.

CUSTOM MATS: We provide custom and standard archival mats as well as hand-wrapped silk and linen liners and mats.

GLAZING: We carry a wide range of glass and acrylic glazings from regular to UV-filtering, reflection-control, static-free and scratch-resistant museum-quality that can protect your works from UV damage.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: We offer many services to support our clients. Our skilled staff contributes to your ease and security by arranging pick up and delivery services, preparing condition reports on the works in our care and coordinating with allied professionals such as conservators and art handling companies. Our designers are available for on-site consultation.